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Let the game begin. BMW Wheels of Joy.

An Exclusive Opportunity to Drive Home a New BMW

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How It Works

Here is how you can win a brand-new BMW X5 for a year.

Enter 'BMW Wheels of Joy'

Enter 'BMW Wheels of Joy'

First, click on the ‘Participate Now’ button to view the current draw and the range of premium prizes. Next, select ‘Enter BMW Wheels of Joy’ and choose your entries.

Select Your ‘BMW Wheels of Joy’ Entries

Select Your ‘BMW Wheels of Joy’ Entries

Select four vehicles as your entries and ensure that you provide your contact details. If you choose the correct combination of vehicles, you could win a brand-new BMW X5 for one year.

Drive home a new BMW X5

Drive Home a New BMW X5

The exciting draw will be published on our YouTube page and an email will be sent to the lucky winner.
If you win, we will contact you directly so that you may begin your year-long adventure with a brand-new BMW X5.

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